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No-compliant access

No-compliant access

Crédit Agricole Assurances website accessibility statement

CREDIT AGRICOLE ASSURANCES undertakes to ensure the accessibility of the Crédit Agricole Assurances website pursuant to Article 47 of Law No. 2005-102 of 11 February 2005.

To this end, it is implementing the following strategy and measures:

  • the 2020-2021 action plan is currently being drafted
  • the 2020-2022 Multi-Annual Accessibility Plan and the 2020-2021 Action Plan are being drafted and will be published shortly.

This Accessibility Statement applies to https://www.ca-assurances.com/

Compliance status

The https://www.ca-assurances.com/ website does not conform to Version 4 of the General Framework for the Improvement of Accessibility (Référentiel général d’amélioration de l’accessibilité – RGAA), because of the non-conformities and derogations listed below.

Test results


The compliance audit conducted by Urbilog reveals that 42% of the criteria for Version 4.0 of the RGAA are met.

The average web service compliance rate is 59%

You can consult the detailed audit report in PDF format at the bottom of the page

There are 52 applicable criteria out of 106, including:

  • 21 compliant criteria
  • 31 non-compliant criteria

Inaccessible content



  • Significant images requiring a relevant alternative
  • Decorative images to be muted


  • A frame with an inappropriate title


  • Cases of image transmission by colour only
  • Insufficient contrast ratios


  • Alternative feeds required

Tables: OK


  • Cases of non-explicit links
  • Cases of empty links


  • Presence of scripts that are not compatible with assistive technologies
  • Presence of scripts that cannot be operated by keyboard
  • Unreported changes in context
  • Unvoiced status messages

Mandatory elements

  • Case of pages with invalid code
  • Cases of non-pertinent page titles


  • Incomplete or non-pertinent titling plans
  • Inconsistent document structure


  • Presence of presentation attributes in the html
  • Content missing if CSS are disabled
  • Presence of overlap when magnified to 200%
  • Poorly or not visible keyboard focus
  • Presence of overlap when increasing the text spacing


  • Fields without a label or with a non-explicit label
  • Fields too far away from their wording
  • Missing field groups
  • Non-pertinent button labels


  • Unavoidable and unreachable groups
  • No avoidance link to the content


  • Presence of inaccessible downloadable documents

Disproportionate burden exemptions: OK

Content not subject to the accessibility obligation: OK

Drafting of this Accessibility Statement


This statement was drawn up on 1st April 2021.

Technologies used to create the Crédit Agricole Assurances website,  https://www.ca-assurances.com

  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • JavaScript

Test environment

Content-rendering checks were carried out on the basis of the combination provided by the RGAA 4.0 reference base, with the following versions:

  • NVDA 2019.2.1 and Firefox
  • JAWS 2018 and Internet Explorer 11
  • VoiceOver Mac OS 10.14 and Safari: 13.0.3

Accessibility evaluation tools

  • Contrast Color Analyser
  • RGAA V3 Assistant (elements reusable in RGAA V4)
  • Web Developer toolbar
  • Browser Inspector

Website pages that were subject to the compliance audit

  1. “Home” page:
  2. "Legal notice" page:
  3. "Locations" page
  4. "Presentation" page:
  5. "CAA 2019 Brochure" PDF:
  6. "Press" page:
  7. "Taking action for the environment" page:
  8. "News" page:
  9. "Our careers" page:
  10. "Investors" page:
  11. "Home" page (EN):
  12. "Join us" page
  13. "Governance" page
  14. "Pacifica" page


Feedback and contact details


If you are unable to access a content or service, please contact us for details of accessible alternatives, or to obtain the content in a different form.

  • Contact us at: digitalfactory[at]ca-assurances.fr

Legal remedies


This procedure should be used in the following case.

If you have notified the website manager of an accessibility problem that prevents you from accessing content or services on the portal, and you have not received a satisfactory response:

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