Our missions – Our model

Our missions – Our model

From climate change and the energy transition to the shared economy and the digitalisation of healthcare…

Our job is to anticipate changes in society, new practices and potential future risks.
Our job is also, and above all, to help our customers protect what matters most in their lives.
Whether they are retail customers or entrepreneurs, we support them on a daily basis, adapting our solutions to each project and every need.

  • Protecting their own or their employees’ health so that they never have to neglect their well-being due to a lack of funds.
  • Protecting their loved ones in the event of their death and giving them the confidence to carry on without them.
  • Protecting their homes and guaranteeing that they will be rehoused if disaster hits, so that they can continue to move forward even in the hardest of times.
  • Protecting them and their vehicles, as well as their passengers, so that they can travel with complete confidence.
  • Protecting their businesses or farms, so that they can develop them with greater peace of mind.
  • Enabling them to build up savings and increasing their value over the long term in order to further their own and their loves ones’ projects,
  • And helping them plan ahead for their retirement, in order to make the most of this phase of their lives.

    We take pride in supporting them at every stage of their claims in order to minimise their impact on their own and their loved ones’ lives. And as France’s leading insurer, we carry out this mission fairly, transparently and responsibly.

All this in line with the Group’s corporate purpose:
“Working every day in the interest our customers and society”.