General insurance

Protect your purchases, insure your property.

Protect your personal property (motor, home…)

Do you want your home, your car, your motorcycle or even your boat to benefit from the best possible cover no matter what happens? Just like 94% of our customers who declare that they are satisfied with our products, you too can take out cover for fire, theft and all kinds of weather-related damage. Crédit Agricole Assurances has designed the products to meet your needs in the event of a claim.

Protect your agricultural and professional property

Do you want to receive assistance from qualified experts in the event of an incident? And even more importantly, do you need to be able to continue or resume your activity to protect your earnings and your professional assets? Whatever your profession, our dedicated teams provide you with personalised advice to help you cover all your business-related needs.

Protect your household’s mobile electronic devices

Our All Mobiles insurance covers your household’s mobile electronic devices: yours, those of your spouse and those of any children under the age of 25 still living at home or considered part of your household for income tax purposes. And there is no need to specify the devices when you take out the policy. Nothing could be simpler: your current devices are covered as soon as you subscribe and there are no further formalities for your future acquisitions.

Get help in any disputes with third parties

Our legal experts are at your disposal to advise or assist in any disputes you might have in your personal or professional life. Whether relating to your home, to employment law, to your car or even to consumer matters, our legal protection services accompany you in your proceedings with the greatest care and attention.

Protects your methods of payment

Have you lost your bank card, your chequebook or even your ID papers (passport, ID card, driving licence) or your keys, or perhaps had them stolen? Not to worry. Your bank account agreement now protects you against any fraudulent use, even before you block them, as well as offering an immediate assistance service.

Pay by card with total peace of mind

When you pay by FNAC card, we also insure all your technical devices (TV, IT, mobile devices, telephones…) against breakage or theft within 60 days of the date of purchase.

Benefit from innovative, high-performance top-up health insurance

Do you want home help in the event of illness, accident or hospitalisation? Are you looking for a top-up health insurance policy that also covers alternative medicines?* We have put together the top-up health insurance to match your healthcare expenditure and your expectations down to the last detail.

*acupuncture, osteopathy, etiopathy, chiropractics, nutrition

Take out protection now for personal accidents

11 million people fall victim to accidents of daily life each year in France. Do you want peace of mind in your private and professional* life and to protect yourself against such unforeseen events? We have created insurance that covers your children and provides you with the best possible assistance and compensation if a serious accident should disrupt the life of your family.

*Farmers, craftspeople, traders and the professions

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Protect your purchases, insure your property.
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