UAF Patrimoine launches UAF Autocall, a new structured bond that offers an alternative to dynamic equity investments

September 28 2011

Eligible for inclusion in UAF Patrimoine’s Octavie 1 and 2, Alyss and Laurys policies and linked to the performance of the Euro Stoxx 50® index, UAF Autocall offers investors the following benefits:

  • a profit objective of 7.5% per completed year if the Euro Stoxx 50® index does not record a decline of more than 50% at maturity compared with its initial level.
  • an early redemption mechanism triggered automatically from year 1 to 5 if the performance of the Euro Stoxx 50® index from the starting date (30 December 2011) is positive or zero. In this case, investors receive the full amount of their capital plus a gain of 7.5% per completed year.

At maturity, if the early redemption mechanism has not been triggered previously, the capital is exposed to a risk of a loss only if the Euro Stoxx 50® index has declined by more than 50% since the starting date.

Amid the turbulent economic conditions currently prevailing, with a highly uncertain outlook for the equity markets and a low level of interest rates, UAF Autocall represents a straightforward and easy-to-understand investment opportunity with ideal market timing given the decline in the equity markets.

Principal financial characteristics of UAF Autocall

– Debt securities without any capital guarantee

– Indexed to the Euro Stoxx 50® index

– Issued by SG Acceptance (wholly-owned subsidiary of Société Générale)

– Denominated in euros

– Recommended investment horizon: 6 years (except in the event of automatic early redemption)

– Eligible to be held in life insurance policies and securities accounts

– Marketing period from 6 October to 15 December 2011