UAF Patrimoine Formation: a new player to service wealth management professionals

September 11 2007

UAF Patrimoine has set up UAF Patrimoine Formation as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Predica, the life insurance arm of the Crédit Agricole Group.

UAF Patrimoine Formation is specialised in the training of wealth management professionals, including independent and bank-employed financial advisers, notaries, lawyers, accountants and asset managers.

Starting in November 2007 and relying on the acknowledged expertise of UAF Patrimoine, UAF Patrimoine Formation will offer a wide range of inter-company and bespoke training courses in wealth management. Its programmes will cover the legal, tax, regulatory and succession planning aspects of the industry. In addition, the new company is providing an interactive website and a special tool to assess training requirements.

Jean-Jacques Branche, UAF Patrimoine’s CEO, says: “We are offering a range of training programmes that respond to strong industry demand at a time when the wealth management environment is undergoing major changes”. The courses stand out because of their high valued-added technical content and their ability to evolve in light of the market’s current and future needs. They are taught by skilled professionals from all areas of wealth management.

UAF Patrimoine Formation has the support of a scientific advisory committee composed of prominent figures in the sphere of wealth management. In addition to examining the company’s educational policies and the content and quality of its courses, the committee will provide vital input for anticipating far-reaching changes in the industry and the way it is organised.

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PR UAF Patrimoine-UAF Patrimoine Formation 11-09-2007