UAF LIFE Patrimoine makes robo-advisory solutions available to its independent wealth management advisor partners

September 25 2017

The partnership sealed with FundShop for one of the platform’s partner consultancies has led to the launch of the Smartinvest solution for a “100% digital and 100% compliant” customer journey, compatible with the NetLife policy. This solution offers a personalised and automated management tool enabling allocations to be built and monitored continuously in line with customer profiles.

The signing of this agreement follows the recent partnership announced with Active Asset Allocation, whose management solutions with dynamic risk control are being integrated into the policies covered by Spirica:

  • Capitalisation policies for commercial customers: Spirica Capi with the Risque Control* management mandate*,
  • Solutions for retail customers, with three profile-based mandates: AAA RA PIANO, MEZZO and FORTE* in the Version Absolue wealth management policy,
  • NetLife policy, with the AAA RA MEZZO* profile currently available.

Through its commitment alongside fintechs, UAF LIFE Patrimoine is confirming its global strategy to build an easier customer journey and free up independent wealth management advisors from administrative and regulatory constraints to reposition advice at the heart of their business.

“We were convinced that it was relevant to integrate this type of solution into wealth management offers. The proof of concept (POC) that we proposed to our independent wealth management advisors enabled us in 2016 to further enhance the solutions from our partners, FundShop and Active Asset Allocation”, explains Marie-Anne Jacquier, the platform’s CEO. “Today, we are convinced of the benefits of making these robo-advisory solutions available to our independent wealth management advisors: they are not only compatible with their approach based on a strong human focus and personalised advice, but they also represent new solutions to provide their customers with a modern, digital approach, while ensuring full compliance with regulatory requirements”.

*All the investment solutions mentioned in this document are available in the policies offered by UAF LIFE Patrimoine, which has specific descriptions and endorsements to cover these options. The information given here is not contractually binding and does not constitute advice.