Results of the 2020 call for projects focusing on carers : Ten new winners for our 10th annual call for projects focusing on carers

July 28 2020

For the past ten years, Crédit Agricole Assurances has remained committed to carers, supporting organisations that assist them through its calls for projects. Since 2010, nearly 21,000 carers have received support through projects funded by the company, which has granted close to €2.5 million overall.


For this 10th anniversary, after carefully considering a hundred or so applications, the selection committee* settled on ten winners whose projects fall under one of the following themes: exploring carers’ new needs and sharing experiences between project leaders. In addition to one year of financial support, the winners will receive training and assistance with communication issues, developing partnerships or seeking funding.


For example, the UNAFTC association (French national association for families of people with traumatic brain injuries and brain damage) will produce a film using motion design to support those who care for people with brain injuries. The Garches Foundation, for its part, will create a psychological support unit for carers of family members with motor disabilities resulting from neuropsychological factors. Finally, the UNA Charente Vienne association aims to roll out initiatives to raise employee and employer awareness of issues relating to employees who are carers.


In these unprecedented times, there was a particular focus this year on projects directly or indirectly linked to the COVID-19 crisis. For Caroline Nicaise, Head of CSR at Crédit Agricole Assurances, “the health crisis we have been through has hurt not only the day-to-day carers of relatives experiencing a loss of independence, but also the associations that support them by providing practical assistance. As an insurer committed to the regions, our role now, more than ever before, is to support them. “


* The members of the selection committee were: Jean Pierre Aquino, geriatrician and technical advisor to the Médéric Alzheimer Foundation, Elodie Corcuff, specialist in caregiver issues at the National Solidarity and Autonomy Fund (CNSA), Frédéric Cloteaux, editor-in-chief of Vivre FM, Sophie Etchegoyen, brand and mutualism manager at the FNCA, François Galland, CSR project manager at Crédit Agricole SA, Franck Guichet, sociologist, Catherine Langlois, sponsorship manager at Crédit Agricole SA, Caroline Nicaise, Head of CSR at Crédit Agricole Assurances, Gwenaëlle Thual, Chairperson of the French Association of Carers.


The associations selected and their projects:


Theme: exploring carers’ new needs:

Collectif en sciences sociales appliquées, CESSA – Paris (75011)

A qualitative study to provide a sociological perspective by tracing the lives of 20 young carers. The study aims to answer questions such as: how does their role as carers affect the course of their lives and their family relationships? How can we value and alleviate these situations?


Esperluette – Toulouse (31000)

Support for parent carers wanting to incorporate inclusive living in their plans for the future. Esperluette supports families via a process including individual support, carers’ cafés and group support to promote stress relief.


Je t’Aide – Paris (75001) 

An economic study to assess the hidden costs associated with the lack of support for carers. The study will focus on the issue of hospitalisations (geriatrics and oncology) that could be avoided if carers had sufficient rest. It sets out to produce scientific data on healthcare expenditure directly attributable to carer burnout, with the ultimate aim of redirecting funding.


Union Nationale des Associations Familiales – Paris (75009)

Implementation of a social mediation project for carers to prevent the risk of burnout and restore the quality of communication by easing tensions. The project will involve training family mediators to deal with issues relating to carers. It will be rolled out in 22 departments via the UDAF family support associations with the aim of helping nearly 10,000 carers.


UNA Charente Vienne – Gond-Pontouvre (16160)

An initiative to raise employer and employee awareness of issues relating to employees who are carers. The UNA wishes to roll out initiatives both online and face to face: information webinars, breakfast or afterwork events, and information stands in public places.


Garches Foundation – Garches (92380)

Creation of a psychological support unit for carers of relatives with motor disabilities resulting from neuropsychological factors. The unit’s objectives will be to offer consultations and psychotherapeutic care and, if necessary, refer carers to external partners for appropriate follow-up.


Gard Vienne centre for conductive education – Clarensac (30870)

The project involves providing parental guidance to families of children with motor disabilities. The association was founded in 2014, thanks to the support of Crédit Agricole Assurances, and its activities reached maximum capacity in 2019, with a one-year waiting list. It now wishes to open a new group for an additional 25 to 30 families.


Theme: sharing experiences between project leaders:


UNAFTC (French national association for families of people with traumatic brain injuries and brain damage) – Paris (75018)

Production of an awareness-building film using motion design to support families of people with traumatic brain injuries. The film will explain what brain damage is, showing how some consequences are invisible and presenting associated cognitive disorders. It will be screened in more than 5,000 organisations (hospitals, schools, etc.).


ADAPEI 90 – Belfort (90000)

Organisation of a one-day event for intellectual disabilities professionals from the Bourgogne Franche Comté and Southern Alsace regions to share their experiences of supporting carers and the right to respite.


La Maison des Enfants Extraordinaires (MEEX) – Sauve (30610)

The strategy is to build on the experiences of the MEEX project by extending it to other rural territories and organising three annual seminars, creating a virtual collaborative space and bringing in experts on an ad hoc basis. MEEX aims to meet the needs of parents in rural areas with little access to care, whose children have learning difficulties, whether or not a disability has been officially recognised.


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