Predica launches Floriagri, the first multi-fund life insurance policy especially for farmers

June 10 2010

Predica, a Crédit Agricole Assurances subsidiary and partner to the farming industry, is expanding its product range with the launch of Floriagri, the first multi-fund life insurance policy designed especially for the farming sector.

The aim of the new product is to help the farming community (farm owners, heads of agricultural businesses and retired farmers) realise their projects while meeting their need for life insurance saving:

  • Support throughout their lifetime, from setting up for business and building their capital through to retirement: Floriagri is a simple, accessible, open-ended policy that allows the holder to re-use the proceeds from the sale or bequest of a business.
  • A response to the need for greater protection and security: simplified allocations that match farmers’ needs and a minimum guarantee in the event of death, so that the amounts invested can be recouped if a capital loss is realised.
  • Dynamic investment financial management for market-savvy famers: a wide-range of unit-linked vehicles and financial options that allow for peace-of-mind investing (relative stop-loss, locked-in capital gains, progressive investment, etc.).

Linked with Prediagri Retraite, a supplementary retirement product for farmers, Floriagri has been designed under a co-creation approach in which workshops attended by advisers and their clients from the farming community made it possible to address the community’s needs and develop this unique product.

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PR Predica - Predica Launches Floriagri 10-06-2010