Pacifica renews its commitment to farmers by extending its crop insurance coverage to winegrowing

February 24 2011

Pacifica, a Crédit Agricole Assurances subsidiary, has extended the coverage of its crop insurance policy to the risks involved in winegrowing.

Pacifica’s crop insurance policy covers winegrowers against most climate risks, including hail, spring frost, drought, flooding and storms. With its new offer, Pacifica is the only insurer to cover vines from the moment they bud, a particularly delicate stage in the winegrowing process.

This new cover also addresses other specific characteristics and requirements of winemaking:

  • insurance for farmers producing two types of crop, for instance cereals and grapes;
  • choice of deductible according to the different appellations produced at the same vineyard;
  • customised coverage, such as yield loss, sub-standard quality, reseeding costs, and additional harvesting costs;
  • special rates for young farmers depending on the surface area insured or whether preventive measures have been taken.

By extending the coverage of its crop policy, Pacifica is showing its commitment to farmers with an offering that not only meets their needs but also complies with the government’s wish to expand the use of crop insurance.