Pacifica, Property and Casualty insurance subsidiary of Crédit Agricole Assurances, successfully places its first Cat Bonds

December 8 2023

Pacifica announced the successful placement of €160 million Cat Bond covering French Windstorm and Hail storm on the Insurance-Linked-Securities (ILS) market.
The transaction is part of Pacifica’s reinsurance diversification strategy.

On December 7, 2023, Pacifica made its debut venture onto the ILS market through the sponsoring of a €160 million Cat Bond issued by Taranis Re DAC, a special purpose vehicle incorporated in Ireland covering Metropolitan France, Monaco and Andorra.

The transaction was upsized, from an initial announcement of €100 million for the Class A Notes, meeting Pacifica’s capacity objectives. The Initial Risk Spread of the notes is respectively of 8.25% for the Class A Notes and 6.00% for the Class B Notes.

The Cat Bond will provide reinsurance protection to Pacifica as part of its overall catastrophe reinsurance programme. It diversifies Pacifica’s sources of reinsurance protection against catastrophes and provides a multi-year protection running from January 2024 until December 2027.

Guillaume Oreckin, CEO of Pacifica stated: “We are thrilled with the positive response from the investor community to this Cat Bond, placed with more than a dozen capital market investors in Europe, North America and Asia. With Taranis Re DAC, we are now able to access reinsurance capacity from the capital markets, efficiently complementing our existing traditional reinsurance and strengthening the resilience of our growing reinsurance cat program“.

Pacifica has entered into two four-year reinsurance agreements with Taranis Re DAC. The issuance, supported by Guy Carpenter, provides coverage through two tranches of Notes:

  • Class A Notes: providing €110 million of Ultimate Net Loss, Per Occurrence cover, in respect of losses from Windstorm and Hail Storm.
  • Class B Notes: providing €50 million of Ultimate Net Loss, Annual Aggregate cover, second event basis, in respect of losses from Windstorm only.


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Catastrophe bond transactions provide sponsoring insurers and reinsurers protection against catastrophe risks through the release to the sponsor of a portion or the whole principal amount upon the occurrence of pre-defined events (namely triggers). Triggers can be determined in different ways: for Pacifica, an indemnity trigger provides for payment once the losses from specific natural events are higher than a certain specified amount provided for in the terms of the transaction.

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12 August 2023