Pacifica launches an innovative claims management iPhone app

March 24 2011

Pacifica, a Crédit Agricole Assurances subsidiary, is launching a free iPhone application that home and car policyholders[1] can use to submit claims quickly and securely.

[1] Personal customers with a car or home insurance policy from a Crédit Agricole Regional Bank.

The main “Submit a Claim” function allows users to provide information about the claim and attach up to five photos. Photos captured through the app are dated, geolocated, indexed, stocked and legally certified at no charge thanks to Codasystem’s Shoot&ProofTM technology.

This innovative way of reporting claims is fully integrated into Pacifica’s processes to ensure that claims are handled efficiently.

The app also offers policyholders a number of other services:

  • Shows the locations of the nearest glass repair specialists in the event of damage to a car window,
  • Provides connections to emergency services and a direct link to a claims manager in case of an accident,
  • Gives access to a protected, secure space to store personal notes and photos of property (also for non-policyholders),
  • Plays tutorials explaining Pacifica’s claims management procedures and the importance of properly filling out a joint accident report.


With this new app, Pacifica is further widening its multi-channel offering, giving customers more options for managing their policies.

Try out the application. Download it free using the QR code below.

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PR Pacifica claims management iPhone app 24-03-2011