Pacifica and Sicli join forces to improve fire risk prevention

December 1 2008

Pacifica, the property and casualty insurance arm of Crédit Agricole Assurances, and Sicli, France’s leading provider of fire detection and extinction solutions, have teamed up to help insured professionals manage their fire-related risks.

This partnership will allow farmers, craftsmen, retailers and independent professionals insured with Pacifica to benefit from Sicli’s full range of solutions:

  • on-site diagnosis of equipment requirements
  • special all-in pricing that includes delivery and installation of extinguishers, and user training
  • an annual flat-fee contract to check and maintain firefighting equipment.

Pacifica’s professional clients receive easy-to-understand, illustrated information as well as personalised advice provided on-site through a network of special advisors.

For Pacifica, the partnership fulfils a duty to advise and assist policyholders by supplying them with a needs-responsive service. The aim is to reduce the frequency and gravity of fires, while strengthening Crédit Agricole’s position as an insurer. The alliance has already proved popular with the Regional Banks, keen to provide their customers with the best possible services.

Sicli‘s contribution to the partnership is its know-how in fire prevention. In return, it is gaining access to a portfolio of customers that are not adequately equipped to cope with fire risks. The key to the success of the alliance will be the ability to advise customers and explain the importance of appropriate and properly maintained safety systems.

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PR Pacifica-Partnership with Sicki to improve fire risk prevention 01-12-2008