January 18 2023

With its Web App that simplifies access to wealth management, Meyon is launching Meyon Life, an innovative, tailored, fully-digital life insurance solution insured by Spirica. This new life insurance policy has been designed with four sustainable investment profiles in mind and is Meyon’s answer to the new ways in which people manage their finances. It can be taken out and managed directly from a smartphone.

A subscription journey inspired by Spirica’s ‘Mobile First’ project

In order to offer investors an intuitive, digital and user-friendly experience, Meyon has drawn on the smartphone subscription journey that Spirica has developed as part of its ‘Mobile First’ project. With the Meyon app, investors can take out a policy in less than 10 minutes, safe in the knowledge that the entire process will be fully-compliant with all regulatory requirements. A series of videos will take them through each step of the subscription process.

The user experience is optimised and adapted to new uses, giving investors access to a leading product on the market with:
• One of the lowest minimum initial investment amounts (€1,000) and fee structures (0% entry/switching fee and a 0.5% management fee p.a. on unit-linked policies*) on the market;
• Four discretionary investment profiles managed by Meyon’s financial experts, geared towards investments designed to give meaning to people’s savings (sustainable development funds or financing of the real economy, namely through private equity).

A digital solution that harnesses financial advisors’ expertise

This fully-digital solution provides access to a product that is managed by expert wealth management advisors. Meyon Life embodies innovation, simplicity, sustainable engagement and education, values that Meyon and Spirica want to develop in the interests of their shared customers.

A word from Ludovic Farnault, MEYON CEO: “As a partner of UAF LIFE Patrimoine, we have chosen to work with Spirica because of the innovative vision it has of life insurance. The solution that Meyon has developed brings together all the vehicles we want to be able to offer our customers as part of a fully-digital experience that is tailored to the type of customer we want to address.

A word from Daniel Collignon, SPIRICA CEO: “The 25-34 age group is very different to other investor categories when it comes to how they want to manage their finances. Young workers want to be able to use their smartphone to complete transactions online. We are thrilled that Meyon has been able to draw on the very best aspects of our online customer journeys to create its own smartphone subscription interface and provide our shared customers with a high added value digital experience.

Key features of the policy:
MEYON Life insurance policy
– Minimum initial investment: €1,000, 0% entry and arbitrage fee, 0.5% management fee p.a.*

MEYON subscription options
– €0 for the standard MEYON solution for investments starting from €1,000.
– €30/month for the MEYON+ solution for investments starting from €50,000.
– Tailored option for customers investing more than €500k.

Available immediately at 
Press access in demo mode on simple request.

*This policy carries other costs. For more information, please refer to the terms and conditions of the MEYON Life policy

The Meyon Life policy is an individual life insurance policy denominated in euros and/or units of account. Spirica is the insurer.
Amounts invested in unit-linked products carry a risk of capital loss. These amounts are not guaranteed by the insurer and may go up or down depending on movements in the financial markets

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