La Médicale launches La Médicale Immo, a comprehensive homeowner insurance policy for non-occupants

November 18 2010

Paris, 18 November 2010 — La Médicale, a Crédit Agricole Assurances subsidiary and long-standing partner to the healthcare sector, has extended its project range with the launch of La Médicale Immo. The new policy insures property owned or co-owned by non-occupant healthcare professionals.

Revamp of La Médicale’s home insurance policy

La Médicale’s comprehensive home insurance policy has been recently overhauled. It now offers two possibilities depending on the policyholder’s home and personal situation:

  • Essentielle: coverage for housing with up to 5 rooms,
  • Confort: for all types of housing.

Policyholders benefit from a range of advantages:

  • Coverage of valuable objects in both policies,
  • Furniture insured for their cost value,
  • A possibility of insuring outdoor equipment,
  • Access to an helpline 24/7,
  • If the home becomes uninhabitable, an expert will be dispatched within 24 hours and an advance of funds will be made available within 72 hours.

La Médicale Immo is designed to help healthcare professionals cover the risks inherent in owning or co-owning property they do not live in. In the event of damage, the policy covers the reinstatement value of the property, proportionate to the damage sustained, with no deductible. It also includes liability coverage for the owner and third parties in the event of fire or water damage. Coverage is automatically extended to kitchen and bathroom appliances to a total value of 2,000 euros. Additionally, if a rented property suffers damage that makes it unfit for habitation, the policyholder will be covered for unpaid rent for one year.

Depending on their requirements, policyholders may also take out special options designed for flats and houses (including for furniture, swimming pools, outdoor facilities, and renewable energies), as well as for buildings (shared machinery and equipment).

The new policy also offers exclusive La Médicale assistance services:

< >Referral to selected service providers to carry out mandatory checks prior to selling or renting a property (e.g. useable surface area, thermal audit, lead paint, termites, gas and electricity)Assistance with re-housing tenants if property is rendered unfit for short-term habitation.

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PR La Médicale-Launch of La Médicale Immo 18-11-2010