La Médicale continues to provide strong support for tomorrow’s healthcare practitioners

March 31 2011

La Médicale, an insurer for self-employed healthcare professionals and a Crédit Agricole Assurances company, continues to partner with tomorrow’s practitioners. It has signed a partnership with UFSBD, France’s national association for the promotion of oral health, to support trainee dental surgeons, and has extended its partnership with ISNIH, the union representing hospital interns.

The partnership with UFSBD allows La Médicale to give trainee dental surgeons support when they graduate and guidance on getting started in practice. La Médicale can provide legal and insurance expertise, special training opportunities and preferred pricing.

La Médicale signed a partnership with ISNIH in late 2009 to make it easier for interns specialising in medicine to obtain specialised insurance coverage. That partnership has now been extended to include supplementary group death and disability insurance over and above the mandatory coverage. Four intern residences have signed up for autumn 2010 and others are considering doing the same in autumn 2011.

La Médicale currently insures over 20,000 future practitioners and has more than 150 nationwide and local partnerships with institutions representing interns and students in the medical and related fields.

To accompany these partnerships, La Médicale is opening up a dedicated space for future practitioners where they can go for preferred, tailor-made solutions that will address their professional and personal needs.

La Médicale has also issued a special CD-Rom guide to help future practitioners negotiate the challenges of setting up in practice.