Injury prevention: Pacifica gets involved!

May 16 2011

Preventing home fires

Pacifica is helping home insurance policyholders meet the legal requirement to install smoke detectors by 2015 by offering free home assessments, along with smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors and fire extinguishers at special prices negotiated as part of a partnership with Kidde.

Pacifica is hoping to make policyholders more aware about the importance of these devices, which can save lives by sounding the alarm, particularly at night, when 70 per cent of fatal fires occur.

Pacifica is also keeping up efforts begun in 2010 to prevent road risks. Auto policyholders under the age of 31 who have held a driver’s licence for less than a year can spend a day at a driving course or get one hour’s coaching from a professional. Their premium is cut by five per cent once they have completed the training. Since the offer was first launched, 2,500 policyholders have benefited.

For professionals and farmers

Pacifica has signed a partnership with Apave, France’s leader in risk prevention and management, to offer electrical inspections to customers with professional or farming coverage. The package includes an annual inspection of all facilities to prevent the risks of electrocution, plus an inspection every three years of electrical panels using infrared thermography, an advanced technology that uses cameras to detect problems that are invisible to the naked eye. The policyholder gets an inspection report, which includes recommended measures.

Pacifica is providing practical solutions to help customers lessen the risks of accident in everyday life.