Crédit Agricole mobilises for storm victims Pacifica extends its loyalty-enhancing ‘excess-free’ coverage to all individual customers affected by Klaus

February 9 2009

Given the scale of the damage caused by the ‘Klaus’ storm, Pacifica, Crédit Agricole Group’s property/casualty insurance company, has strengthened its customer management and compensation system.

Pacifica has in two days received 17,000 claims and estimated at around 30,000 the number of its storm-victim customers. To deal with the influx of calls, more than 400 employees have been mobilised to record damage claims via a single, toll-free number, 0 800 810 812. Claims are made with a simple phone call, with no written confirmation necessary and no mandatory time limit.

As part of Pacifica’s general compensation policy, individual customers already benefit from an ‘excess-free’ offer after three claim-free years. This offer concerns around 50% of Crédit Agricole’s policy holders. On an exceptional basis, Pacifica is extending this coverage to all policyholders affected by the storm.

In addition, Pacifica will cover any flood damage without waiting for the publication of a natural disaster decree. Pacifica will also cover the reinstallation of television antennae torn off by the storm.

Pacifica was the first insurance company in France to introduce the ‘new for old’ concept. Customers with this option (more than half of our policyholders) are compensated with no deduction for wear and tear.

Crédit Agricole Assurances is sparing no effort to help its customers in the heaviest hit areas and reasserting the relevance of its bancassurance model.

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