Caci launches a new personal protection offer, Injury Insurance

April 3 2013

Crédit Agricole Assurances’ creditor insurance arm, Caci, has launched an ‘Injury Insurance’ offer for Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance’s retail customers.

The new package covers policyholders for accidental injury. It guarantees a flat-rate indemnification whose amount depends on the type of injury, the option subscribed and the policyholder’s age at the time of the accident.

Our range of personal protection insurance offers a wide variety of personal risk solutions, particularly for the risk of accidents. We have chosen to strengthen our position in this field by developing a product that is not solely of aid in the event of serious accident but could also help policyholders in the case of ordinary accidents (accidents during leisure, sport and domestic activities), which are very rarely covered but can nonetheless entail expenses and day-to-day difficulties”, said Christophe Delhaye, Caci’s Marketing Manager for France and Belgium.

The policy has seven different options, which means it can be adapted to a maximum of profiles, with several levels of cover, from the lowest to the highest. The insurance covers bone fractures, burns, sprains, internal damage and concussion, amputation, eye injuries and hospitalisation in certain cases. In the case of an accident resulting in multiple injuries, policyholders can accumulate indemnifications up to a total of €28,000.

There are options for every profile with prices ranging from €6 to €23 per policyholder according to the level of cover subscribed. Children can be covered and the package includes several assistance services.

CA Consumer Finance will market the policy to its customers, thereby adding to its already broad range of personal insurance. Crédit Agricole’s consumer credit subsidiary is the first in the market to offer insurance cover for the most likely injuries in view of their customers’ age and situation.

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