Marc Didier

Member of the Board of Directors of CAA and Pacifica I Member of the Audit and Risk Committee of CAA I Chairman of Caisse régionale de Pyrénées-Gascogne

Marc Didier runs a farm that he created in 1984, where he carries out mixed farming, livestock rearing and wine growing. In 2009, he also established a photovoltaic energy production company on his farm. Marc Didier soon forged links with a number of organisations and companies, including the Vignerons du Gerland and the Vivadour cooperative group. He became a director of Crédit Agricole du Gers in 1988 (which subsequently became Crédit Agricole Pyrénées Gascogne in 1992). Marc Didier has also been Chairman of ADASEA 32 (an association specialising in the provision of development, planning and environmental and agricultural services) since 2005. ADASEA, a local resource serving the rural world, is an officially recognised environmental protection association and is also a founder member of IMAGIN’RURAL, a national association also working in the environmental field. Within the Crédit Agricole Group, Marc Didier is a member of the Board of Directors of several entities, including CA Chèques, HECA, IFCAM, Crédit Agricole Assurances, Pacifica and BFT Investment Managers. He chairs the Board of Directors of the Fondation Crédit Agricole Pyrénées Gascogne.