José Santucci

Chairman of the Board of Directors of CAA, Predica and CA Assurances Retraite I Administrator of Pacifica I Chief Executive Officer of the Provence Côte d'Azur Regional Bank

José Santucci is an agricultural engineer who graduated from the École Nationale Supérieure de l’Agriculture in Rennes (1985), holds a postgraduate diploma (DESS) in the Administration and Management of Agri-food Companies from the Faculty of Economics in Rennes, and graduated from the Institut Technique de Banque (ITB) in 1993. He spent the first part of his career in government as Deputy Agricultural Attaché at the French Embassy in Brazil, attached to the Ministry of the Economy and Finance (from 1986 to 1987). José Santucci then joined the Crédit Agricole Group (1987) as an analyst at Doubs Regional Bank. In 1989, he took charge of the agricultural market at this same Regional Bank, which in 1992 became the Franche-Comté Regional Bank, where he remained until 1999. After serving as Business Branch Manager, he held management positions in the professional market and subsequently as Head of Credit. José Santucci was appointed Chief Financial and Corporate Officer of Val de France Regional Bank in 2000, before being appointed Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Centre Ouest Regional Bank in 2005. In 2010, he was appointed Chief Executive Officer of Val de France Regional Bank, and then Chief Executive Officer of Crédit Agricole Provence Côte d’Azur Regional Bank in 2015.