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Life insurer (Argus de l’assurance 04/03/24 on 2023 turnover)
personal protection insurer (Argus de l’assurance 05/12/23 on 2022 turnover)
Savings/Retirement Customer Satisfaction Rate in 2023

Predica is a major player in the life insurance market in France. Created in 1986 to develop life insurance, in the extension of the savings activity of Crédit Agricole’s banking network, it now offers a diversified range of products in order to answer in the best possible way to important societal issues.
Predica is thus present in the major business lines of life and health insurance: savings, the protection of people through its personal protection / borrower / Group Insurance range.

Positioned in life insurance business, Predica develops solutions to enable the Crédit Agricole Group’s customers to build up savings.

Predica also offers a large range of pension products, enabling its customers to protect themselves and
protect their loved ones from the hazards of life.

To develop all of its activities, Predica relies mainly on its two partner networks, the Crédit Agricole regional banks and LCL.

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