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Our mission, protecting your family and your professional activities

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2023 Satisfaction Rate in Property and Casualty Insurance

In 33 years, Pacifica has become a major player in property and casualty insurance in France.

Founded in 1990, Pacifica offers a wide range of innovative products to individuals, professionals, farmers and businesses.

Pacifica mainly serves the clients of the Regional Banks and LCL, as well as the clients of other partners such as CACF, CA immobilier, BforBank, Mobilize Financial Services.

To protect its customers against hazards and support them on a daily basis, Pacifica offers a complete range of property and casualty insurance policies:

– Family insurance

Home, car/motorcycle, life accident insurance, supplementary personal health insurance, legal protection, all-mobile insurance, means of payment.

– Business insurance (professionals, businesses and farmers)

Civil liability, cyber-risks, multi-risks, commercial vehicles, agricultural self-propelled vehicles, fleets, crops.

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