What is urban agriculture?

March 30 2022

As the population grew, the fields gradually disappeared from the city centers. Some plots still occupy the land and are sometimes exploited by city dwellers: we call it urban agriculture. On the occasion of the International Agricultural Show, we went to the Association Terres Urbaines to learn more.

Communications: Hello everyone. This year, one of the flagship themes of the International Agricultural Show was urban agriculture. We met Jordan Bonaty, director and co-founder of the Terres Urbaines association, to find out more.

Hello Jordan, could you explain what urban agriculture is?

Communications: Indeed, we’re hearing more and more about community gardens, urban farms. What kind of needs do these projects meet ?

Communications: This new trend therefore meets many social and ecological challenges, but how does it actually work in practice?

Communications: Who is the initiative intended for?

Communications: So, if I understand correctly, the goal is to bring nature back into urban areas by getting different groups of people involved. Perhaps our city-dwelling colleagues will be the future farmers of tomorrow. Thank you, Jordan. See you soon!

The podcast is available in French