Taking care of your fleet

May 17 2021

53,000 occupational road accidents occur each year.* Companies that own a fleet of vehicles face significant human, financial, and sometimes legal risks, as well as ecological concerns relating to the consumption, repair and maintenance of their vehicles. In January 2021, as part of our Prevention initiative, we introduced a free Prevention offering for our fleet insurance policy-holding corporate clients.

Taking care of your fleet

Stage 1: Information at your fingertips

A booklet is handed out to all business leaders when they take out a fleet insurance policy, informing them of road traffic-related risks and giving them basic materials to raise their employees’ awareness (thematic information sheets, prevention stickers for vehicles, posters, etc.). This documentation can be made available to all users of company vehicles.

Stage 2: Knowing your risks

After receiving the Prevention Pack at the time of subscription, clients can benefit from an audit (fleet, drivers, and awareness-raising methods), and access an e-learning programme designed to inform their driving employees of the different risks they face (distractions when driving, addictive behaviours, etc.), and to teach them how to drive responsibly.

At the end of their audit, business leaders are sent a report, by email from our partner ACTUA FORMATION, to help them implement preventive measures.

Launched in 2015 and rolled out since then by 33 Crédit Agricole Regional Banks, our Prevention initiative makes a valuable contribution to achieving the objective of Relational Excellence set out in the Group Project and the Medium-Term Plan for 2022. 

*Commuting and work-related accidents combined