Italy switches to omnichannel mode

August 4 2020

A minor revolution is underway in Italy, driven by the current context. Our subsidiary, Crédit Agricole Assicurazioni and its distribution partner Crédit Agricole Italia, are now offering their customers an “omnichannel” customer journey. They can start by asking for a quote over the telephone, continue it in the branch, and finish the process on the Web – an innovative and personalised purchasing experience that will speed up the development of non-life insurance in Italy

Italy switches to omnichannel mode

This new model allows customers to choose how they use the different channels available to take out their non-life insurance policy: their branch, online banking service, telephone hotline or remote customer advisor. The omnichannel journey also speeds up the purchasing process: all stages are digitised, fewer signatures are required, and payment by direct debit or bank card is facilitated.

The development of this model is the result of very close collaboration between Crédit Agricole Assicurazioni and Crédit Agricole Italia. The excellent results, in terms of satisfaction, obtained by customers who tested it during its pilot phase, have led to this model being made available to all the Group’s customers.

3 questions to Laura Brancaleoni, Marketing and Sales Director, Crédit Agricole Assicurazioni


Hello Laura, how was this omnichannel model developed in Italy?

We worked in synergy with the bank in Italy, but also with the international team and Pacifica, to pool the experience acquired within the Group in France. This experience enabled us to create a unique and innovative model for the Italian Fire, Accident & Miscellaneous Risks bank insurance market. Indeed, we are the first bank insurer to launch a complete omnichannel model for the entire product range and across all distribution channels. 

What impact has this project had on your relationship with your banking partner?

This experience has strengthened our relationship with the bank. Together, we have devised a winning model for the future of our business. The COVID experience has highlighted the need to speed up the digitalisation and simplification of the sales process. The omnichannel approach is the perfect response to this new need for interaction between the physical and digital channels. We started the project as a bank and an insurer, and we ended up becoming a real bank insurer. 

What role does the digital channel now play in your distribution strategy?

The physical agency is still our customers’ favourite distribution channel, but I believe that our challenge over the coming months will be to help them adopt this new interactive approach between the different points of