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  • Whistleblower rights

    Whistleblower rights entitle any company employee and any external service provider or supplier to report any failure or malfunction to the Compliance Department, when reporting via the line management channel is inoperative or inappropriate to the situation (fear of reprisals, involvement of hierarchy, etc.). Initially introduced as part of the Group’s Ethics Charter, these rights were set out in the Crédit Agricole Assurances Code of Conduct – the operational version of the charter.

    To consolidate its programme on preventing unethical, illicit and criminal behaviour, the Crédit Agricole Assurances Group is committed to supporting all company employees and any external service providers or suppliers who wish to exercise their whistleblowing rights in order to protect the company's interests.

    To this end, the Group has made the BKMS® SYSTEMS platform available to people exercising their whistleblowing rights. Whistleblowing rights must be exercised  in good faith without seeking personal gain.


    Alerts can be issued to report the following events:

    • an illegal act or a criminal offence
    • a serious and manifest violation of an international commitment;
    • a serious and manifest violation of a unilateral act of an international organisation based on a properly ratified international commitment
    • a serious and manifest violation of the law or a regulation
    • a serious threat or harm to the public interest
    • any conduct or situation contrary to the Group’s Code of Conduct
    • Any serious violation of human rights and fundamental freedoms, or damage to the health and safety of people or the environment resulting from the Group’s activities, or those of subcontractors or suppliers with which the Group has an established commercial relationship, where such activities are linked to this commercial relationship:

    The BKMS® SYSTEMS platform guarantees the confidentiality of the whistleblower, the facts, and the persons concerned. The information it contains is encrypted and stored in an independent and secure environment. This resource enables whistleblowers to present the facts and communicate with the Whistleblowing Officer (via a protected dialogue box) while protecting the whistleblower’s identity.

    The platform is accessible via the Internet anywhere and at any time:

    Access the plateform

    For further information, read our guide to whistleblowing:

    The Crédit Agricole Assurances Group investigates every alert that is raised to enable the implementation of an appropriate response for each potential, suspected or proven breach of the Codes, applicable regulations, our values, or our professional ethics.

    When investigations confirm any such violations, they are presented and discussed with the members of the governance team.

    Disciplinary sanctions and legal proceedings are then envisaged, accompanied by corrective measures.

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