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A smart search engine that saves doctors and pharmacists time

Doctors and pharmacists regularly look up medicines they are prescribing to check doses,  contraindications or the origin of an adverse effect. Posos is a search engine coupled with artificial intelligence that cross-references all the information on medicines with the patient's profile. Valuable time saved for practitioners.

La Médicale, our company specialising in insurance for healthcare professionals, whether they work in private practice or hospital settings, believes this solution is a useful one. That is why it has signed an exclusive partnership with the start-up.

A smart search engine that saves doctors and pharmacists time

Every day healthcare professionals look up medical information, compare multiple sites, recommendations, publications and books so that they can look after their patients better. It is to save them time that Posos is offering them a new tool they can use on both their PC and their mobile. It gives concrete answers to their questions based on validated official sources.  Leaving them more time to devote to the patient. 

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