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6 connected objects for seniors

To facilitate seniors’ daily lives – from preventing falls to monitoring their health and sleep, etc. – several new connected objects have recently been launched. In addition to improving their users’ well-being, these devices are designed to reassure loved ones but above all, to detect problems and immediately raise the alert in the event of an accident. We selected six.

#1 An application to reassure caregivers

Combined with a conventional remote assistance service, this system keeps loved ones informed of the subscriber’s activity levels. Different sensors installed in the home (an activity sensor combined with a smoke detector and a contact detector) enable them to monitor the subscriber’s activity in real time via a mobile application. This service, provided by Nexecur Assistance – a subsidiary of the Crédit Agricole Group – can be combined with other options such as a fall detector, a connected lighting kit and even a smart wristwatch.

#2 A connected walking stick for detecting falls

The connected walking stick detects abnormal situations (falls and immobility) thanks to motion sensors built into the walking stick which provide information about the user’s activity levels and habits. In the event of a fall or an unusual situation, a remote alarm system automatically notifies loved ones without any intervention by the user and locates the person accurately by GPS. In an emergency situation, the user can raise the alarm personally by pressing a button.

#3 A connected lamp for safer nights

The risks of falling increase at night. Thanks to its motion sensors, this connected lamp lights up automatically when users get up at night: it detects their movements and illuminates the premises with a light of variable intensity. In the event of a fall, the connected lamp immediately alerts the remote assistance service, the user’s loved ones or the emergency services.

#4 A connected drinking glass for monitoring daily hydration

To prevent the dehydration of dependent people, the connected glass, which is used like any ordinary glass, measures the volumes of water drunk. The glass lights up to remind its owner to drink. An online platform ensures the traceability of the liquids consumed and alerts loved ones and caregivers in the event of insufficient hydration.

#5 A connected headband to improve sleep

The connected headband features sensors kept in contact with the forehead and nape of the neck, which measure the frequency of cerebral activity, heart rate and respiratory rate throughout the night. According to the physiological data collected, the headband proposes several sleep promotion and extension options via low-frequency sounds which are directly transmitted by bone conduction from the forehead to the inner ear.

#6 And because social ties are so important, there is Sunday...

You may have discovered it at the second Innovation Challenge conference: Sunday is a connected device which enables users to transmit photographs and videos directly to their loved ones’ television screens. The items are simply sent using the dedicated application and recipients receive them in real time on their television screens via an electronic box installed in advance. A clever solution, considering that over 30% of TV viewers are over 60 years old. Sunday is a start-up hosted by Bordeaux Village by CA. 

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