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CAA committed to supporting caregivers since 2011

Today – Friday 6 October – is National Caregivers’ Day in France, which we have been partnering for the past three years. This is one of the support actions we have been undertaking for the past six years in an effort to publicise the caregivers’ cause and support the associations that represent them. Frédérique Boulanger and Elise Bouteiller, who are in charge of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), review the stages of this involvement.

What is the JNA?

The Association in charge of National Caregivers’ Day (Journée Nationale des Aidants - JNA in French) is a non-profit association which brings together a number of stakeholders involved with caregivers. It organises a major day of mobilisation for caregivers on 6 October each year.This year will be the 8th edition of the JNA. This day is an opportunity to acknowledge the millions of anonymous people who support their ill or disabled loved ones on a daily basis. There could be as many as 11 million caregivers in France, corresponding to 15% of the working population*.It is also an opportunity to promote all providers of support for caregivers: associations, companies, local authorities, mutual insurance companies, etc.


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