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10 Years of Commitment to Caregivers: a testimony on film

10 Years of Commitment is an opportunity to look back on a relationship that has been built up over time between CAA, associations that have won the call for projects and caregivers themselves. By choosing to make a documentary film, we are giving a voice to associations working in the field on a daily basis, as well as to the caregivers and experts who have agreed to appear.  

Since 2010, we have supported 20,000 caregivers through this sponsorship initiative. Each year through our call for projects, we provide financial support to public-interest organisations working at the local level to develop projects in favour of caregivers. To date, 180 projects have been supported. In addition to our financial support, we offer the winning associations two days of training in communication techniques, fundraising and partnership creation to help them develop and sustain their actions. 
This film, produced by Aigue Marine Cie, is the fruit of our commitment to caregivers and reflects our desire to keep working every day in the interest of our customers and society. 

Further information about our call for caregivers’ projects

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