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CACI Dublin in 6 eco-friendly actions

At CACI Dublin, sustainable development is a serious business. This year, several initiatives have been implemented at the Irish subsidiary's premises, promoting sustainable actions to protect the environment. Here are a few examples:

CACI Dublin in 6 eco-friendly actions

Fewer printer...

    … but more waste sorting bins! At CACI Dublin, waste recycling is a priority. The subsidiary has therefore decided to reduce the number of printers on its premises, use recycled paper and also increase its provision of waste sorting bins (ordinary, recyclable and compostable waste).

Bike to work  

CACI Dublin participates in the “Bike to work” programme, an Irish scheme designed to encourage employees to cycle to work, which enables employers to buy bicycles and equipment for their employees, who pay for them via a tax-free monthly wage deduction. 

Donations of computer equipment

CACI Dublin organises collections of computers (laptops and desktops) for the Camara Education association, which then distributes them to schools in several African countries. This enables students to acquire new skills and gives teachers more opportunities.

In addition, reconditioned mobile phones and tablet computers are auctioned off to employees, and the proceeds go to a selected charity each year. In 2019, this was the ALONE association, which helps elderly people who wish to remain in their homes.

Reducing plastic consumption

Drinking fountains have been installed to eliminate the use of plastic and glass bottles. Metal flasks have also been distributed.

Happy bee day!

20 May has been designated World Bee Day by the United Nations. Bee-keeper Vincent Groult visited CACI Dublin to inform employees and raise awareness of the importance of these pollinators, the threats facing them and their major contribution to maintaining an environmental balance. 


Through these eco-responsible initiatives, and others to come, CACI Dublin commits itself and is durably involved in a respectful approach to the environment at its local level.

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