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CA LIFE JAPAN Celebrates Its 10th Birthday!

Our Japanese subsidiary is celebrating its 10 years in business this year. An opportunity to look back at our operations in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Crédit Agricole Life Japan, a subsidiary created in 2006, obtained its life insurance licence in 2007 when bank insurance was just becoming established in the country. After starting with a single distributor, CA Life Japan has gradually diversified and is currently working in partnership with 30 distributors for creditor insurance and 15 for savings.

By volume, Japan is the world's second-biggest insurance market after the United States, although China is poised to overtake it. In 2014, Japan was ranked seventh in the world in terms of its insurance penetration rate. 

CA Life Japan – an innovative company – launched its new-generation structured products in 2013. At that time, the Japanese entity was the sole operator in this segment in Japan. In 2016, it was also the first to propose a 100% online subscription process for creditor insurance.

Today, Japan – like Europe – is subject to prudential regulations. CA Life Japan is consequently striving to improve the information it offers clients. The simplification of subscription processes and the processing of requests is another key strategic focus which benefits clients and advisors alike.

This activity has two major goals: to increase the volume of the company's sales and maintain a stable long-term relationship with its clients and partner banks.

Key figures:

  • Nearly 60 permanent employees at the end of 2016
  • 57 billion JPY* of turnover (455 million euros)
  • 10% in creditor insurance and 90% in savings
  • 3 billion JPY of net banking income
  • 221 billion JPY of assets under management (1.764 million euros)
  • Over 120,000 creditor insurance policyholders

*Japanese Yen

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