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CA Assicurazioni expands its range of non-life insurance products in Italy

CA Assicurazioni, the non-life insurance Company in Italy, renews its core-product offer of car, home and accidents - with new coverages and new services, providing for a new target of customers.

"Protezione Casa Più" the multi-risk policy for the home, is enriched with an optional package of accessory coverings such as:

  • "Casa+", the electronic device to  monitor from a far your home and receive prompt assistance;
  • the "Pet" guarantee for veterinary expenses and veterinary telephone assistance for pets;
  • and the "catastrophic events" coverage, to protect in the event of natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods.

Protezione Guida”, the civil liability insurance for the car, is also now available  with the “Black Box” device and the dedicated App, which allow customers to access telematic services such as the automatic assistance in the event of an accident, the geo-localization of the vehicle in the event of theft, and to take advantage of discounts on the prize, based on your driving style. 

"Protezione infortuni", the accident policy, is enriched with the new "Over 65" coverage, dedicated to customers aged from 65 to 80, which offers a wide range of highly specialized assistance services, for the prevention, emergencies or handling of daily activities resulting from injury. The services range from sending the doctor or medication directly to the home, or receiving the groceries at home, or sending the caregiver, up to telemedicine, and nursing care, and can be activated through a dedicated call center, 24 hours a day , 7 days a week. 

The new policies have been available from the 10th of July 2019 at the Crédit Agricole Italia branches Banking Group.

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