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Preventive driving course: 10 years and not a scratch!

A whole new experience!

Offered1 to policy-holding customers, the preventive driving course is a unique opportunity to have fun with other drivers of the same age over an entire day spent on a circuit, or benefit from an hour of individual coaching.²
It was designed to give young drivers a better understanding of risks on the road. In addition to reducing the frequency of accidents for these young policyholders, it allows them to save almost €150 on their premiums.3 33,000 young people have taken this course over a ten-year period. This prevention scheme, orchestrated by the Pacifica’s Prevention Department, has been a resounding success.

Preventive driving course: 10 years and not a scratch!

What is the preventive driving course?

It is a day dedicated to managing unexpected situations on the road and promoting safer driving. The first part consists of theoretical workshops that cover or review the basics of road safety, and explain how vehicles behave. After lunch, participants are given opportunities to put this theory into practice, which improves their understanding of driving and emergency situations, with the introduction of four high-risk situations: avoidance, emergency braking, driving on wet surfaces and loss of grip.

It is intended for insured car drivers under 31 years of age who have held their licence for less than two years and have no claims history.


The prevention of risks on the road is an important societal issue. Today, 18-24 year-olds represent 9% of the French population, 32% of the people injured and 20% of those killed on the roads.4


Forming an integral part of the automobile insurance offering, it is proposed upon subscription to the policy. Beneficiaries schedule their training dates and venues via a digital channel (Web or SMS), in complete independence.

A success!

As well as helping to improve the accident statistics for young people (17.5% reduction in the frequency of accidents causing bodily harm), this training course is a powerful driver of satisfaction and customer loyalty. It generates a record level of customer recommendations (Customer Promoter Score of + 67.1) and a lower termination rate among drivers who have completed the training course (16% versus 24%5).

Want to watch a video showing how this happens? Right here 


1Guideline value of €260
2Young people who do not have a circuit nearby can benefit from an hour of individual coaching provided by one of the closest partner driving schools to their home.
3Estimated average reduction in insurance premiums over 3 years, without loss or litigation, for a policyholder with no claims history who has completed the preventive driving course.
4ONISR - Observatoire national interministériel de la sécurité routière (French Road Safety Observatory) 
5Actuarial study carried out in 2019

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