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#Infographic - Senior citizens in the front line


In March, after observing that one in two pedestrians killed is a senior citizen, the Prévention Routière and Attitude Prévention road safety associations launched a national prevention plan to curb this phenomenon.

In 2016, 540 out of the 3,496 people killed on the roads were pedestrians.1 This figure was up 15% on 2015 (468 pedestrians killed), and 11% higher than in 2010 (485 pedestrians killed).

3,496 people killed on the road

Senior citizens – the biggest victims of pedestrian accidents

Another observation: one in two pedestrians killed is over 65 years old, even though the over 65s account for only 19% of the population. After increasing by 8% in 2015, the mortality rate for the over-65s rose again in 2016 by a further 6% in relation to 2015.2 This poses a major challenge, particularly since senior citizens will constitute a third of the population by 2050.

1 in 2 pedestrians killed is over 65 years old

The priority: prevention 

In March 2017, the Prévention Routière and Attitude Prévention associations launched the Touspietons.fr website. This platform features a quiz for pedestrians providing reminders of the dos and don’ts, and runs awareness-raising workshops, particularly in senior citizens' clubs. Although the subject is serious, the emphasis is placed on entertainment in a game called "Questions for a Pedestrian". Lasting 90 minutes, this activity should raise the awareness of 30,000 senior citizens per year.

Launch of the touspietons.fr platform

1 Attitude Prévention and Prévention Routière press kit
2 Source: provisional report of the Observatoire national interministériel de la sécurité routière (ONISR - French Road Safety Observatory)
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