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Dog and cat insurance: a pet-tastic new cover solution!

More than 20 million dogs and cats live in French households, but only 6% of them are covered by health insurance. In response to this constantly growing market, Pacifica has come up with a new cover solution. Launched in June 2019, it enables owners to cover a proportion of their pets’ health costs.


A more competitive offering

Launched in 2012, dog and cat insurance has remained unchanged until today. In response to major challenges, particularly those related to sharply rising veterinary fees, it became necessary to expand the offering and reposition it in relation to the competitors’ solutions.

The resulting cover solution has two packages:

  • Starter: coverage for accident or illness + medical expenses (veterinary consultation and pharmacy)
  • Complete: Starter package + routine care costs (vaccination, sterilisation, removal of dental plaque, health check-ups, etc.) and assistance

One of the new advantages of the offering is a reimbursement limit that now remains the same regardless of the animal’s age. Previously, it decreased progressively once the animal reached the age of 8 years.     

Any number of veterinary consultations are now covered, whereas they were previously limited to €75 per year.


Seizing the opportunity

                A training and support programme (product information sheet, sharing of tips and advice, etc.) has been designed to better understand the dog and cat health market, the main advantages of the cover solution and promote the best strategies for talking about it.

Finally, to take full advantage of this commercial opportunity, redirection links to Home and Individual Health Insurance policies have been included at the end of the subscription journey. Links will be available on New Sésame from July 2019.



Top 5 dog breeds most frequently insured by their owners 

1. French Bulldog 
2. Labrador 
3. Chihuahua 
4. German Shepherd 
5. Beagle 

Top 5 cat breeds most frequently insured by their owners 

1. European Shorthair 
2. Persian 
3. Sacred Birman 
4. Chartreux 
5. Norwegian Forest 

Top 3 exotic pets most frequently insured by their owners 

1. Rabbit 
2. Parrot 
3. Ferret 

Sources: senioractu.com; Hyperassur 2017 Animal Health Barometer

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