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The "Challenge de l'Innovation 2019" kicks off!

It’s back! After two editions brimming with innovative ideas on the Internet of Things, the sharing economy and artificial intelligence, the theme of the 2019 edition will be “Life moments that matter”. Join the adventure!

The "Challenge de l'Innovation 2019" kicks off!

Become an innovation driver at CAA

This year, Crédit Agricole Assurances is once again inviting all its staff to devise and implement innovative solutions. Solutions that address the major concerns of our business lines... Solutions that will shape the future of insurance.

The theme of this third edition of the "Challenge de l'Innovation" will be “Life moments that matter”, with one aim in mind: to reign supreme in customer relations and accompany our customers at key moments in their lives.


The teams involved, in collaboration with our distribution networks, will have an opportunity to work on:

  • the Retail Market: key moments in customers’ lives, including buying their main residence and starting their working lives, as well as hardships such as the death of a loved one and loss of employment.
  • the Professional, Agricultural and Corporate markets: covering the key moments of business creation and transmission, in addition to our Corporate Fire, Accident & Miscellaneous Risks offering, etc.


How do you register and when is the deadline?

You have until 18 February to register for the "Challenge de l'Innovation 2019" !

  • To do so, it is very easy, just CLICK HERE and enter your details. You will then receive an email confirming your registration.




What are the different stages?

As in previous editions, the Challenge will be divided into four key phases:

  • An acculturation phase lasting until 19 February – open to all staff with conferences and after-work events designed to explain the theme clearly and encourage you to take part in this adventure.


  • An ideation phase to be held on 12 and 14 March according to the chosen topic, when registered staff will participate in one of two creativity workshops designed to generate ideas.


  • An incubation phase from 19 March to 11 April in which the most promising projects, identified during the ideation phase, will receive a full day of development support. The aim of this phase is to make the transition from concept to project status. 15 April: the Final! The jury, consisting of members of the Crédit Agricole Assurances Executive Committee and representatives of our distribution partners, will choose two projects to be developed in the experimentation phase.


  • The field experimentation phase will take place from 15 April to mid-July. During this phase, the winning projects will undergo development and testing.



The "Challenge de l'Innovation" needs YOU! So join the adventure and become an innovation driver at CAA, for our customers’ benefit!

If you have any question, please send us an e-mail to: innovation@ca-assurances.fr

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