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The insurer as investor

Question: which economic actor has assets under management representing an amount greater than the French state resources* ? 
Answer: Crédit Agricole Assurances.

The insurer as investor

With 269 billion Euros of assets under management at the end of 2016, the group is one of the biggest investors in the French economy. Over 5.7 billion Euros were invested in 2016, 22% in real estate (listed and unlisted), 17% in unrated debt instruments and 11% in infrastructure. In real estate, we are even the 4th largest insurance company in the world**.

Why? To deliver performance to the policyholders who put their trust in us, the Group invests their savings in different classes of assets. Not only do these investments provide returns for savers, but they also help to stimulate the French economy. 

If they did, they would be able to tell their readers and internet users that we invest in five key sectors of the economy: 


  • healthcare: nursing homes, clinics, care homes
  • the environment: wind turbines
  • agri-food: agri-food analyses, packaging
  • real estate: shops, offices, housing, land-holding trusts
  • infrastructure: motorways, airports

In short, investments in companies whose goods and services feature in our everyday lives and which are as varied as Bonduelle, Engie, Générale de Santé, Euromed Centre (in Marseille) and even Lyon Airport! This list is not exhaustive, of course. 

Some of these investments also fund societal changes. This applies to energy transition in particular. Recently, Engie and Crédit Agricole Assurances reinforced their partnership in onshore wind power. Moreover, since it was set up in 2013, this partnership has enabled Engie to reduce its net indebtedness by approximately 400 million Euros and to continue developing in the wind power sector. For Crédit Agricole Assurances, this investment has boosted our presence on the infrastructure and renewable energies market, a sector in which we play a role as a major investor in France and at European level. 

But investing does not only mean putting money into projects. By taking up seats in the decision-making bodies of some of these companies, we are able to provide them with genuine support and advice in their strategic orientations. We play an active part in their development.

Insurers are top-tier investors: who could doubt the accuracy of that statement?

*Total net resources of the general budget of the State 2016

**Sources: Décideurs Magazine Guide no. 123 / 2016 

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