Legal Protection Assistant


You will be working in one of Pacifica's four Claims Management Units. You will report to the Pacifica Claims Division.

In line with Pacifica policy, you will be involved in supporting customers in the management of their disputes (home, labour law, consumer law, etc.), while striving to maintain high levels of service quality, customer satisfaction and cost control.

In accordance with the different levels of delegation, you shall carry out the following missions:

  • Preventing customer disputes:

 Informing policyholders of their rights and means of redress and providing advice on the avoidance of disputes

  • Processing disputes:

 Handling disputes covered by legal protection cover as well as amicable proceedings not requiring the services of a lawyer 

 Negotiating with the opposing party and, if necessary, drafting a formal agreement 

 Seeking the most appropriate solution for the policyholder in accordance with the legislation in force 

 Appointing external service providers and maintaining links with our policyholders while ensuring compliance with procedural deadlines

  • Settling procedural costs:

 Settling procedural costs in compliance with the rules in force and within the limits of the delegation of payment

You will monitor your cases actively and diligently.

Your responsibilities and scope of activity are likely to evolve depending on your abilities and the skills you develop on the job.

You may also contribute to the transmission of knowledge through mentoring activities.

If you have excellent interpersonal skills and customer satisfaction is one of your foremost concerns, are known for your analytical skills and ability to see the big picture, and can manage your cases in a rigorous and methodological manner... Join one of our four Claims Management Units.