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Version Absolue: the new multi-investment life insurance policy from LifeSide Patrimoine

LifeSide Patrimoine is an open-architecture distribution platform and a subsidiary of Crédit Agricole Assurances. It is now making Version Absolue, a new multi-investment life insurance policy, available to the brokers and wealth management advisor partners with which it works in partnership.

The distinguishing feature of this policy is that it offers a wide range of investment options, including two non-unit-linked funds allowing secure yet dynamic investments.

Version Absolue enables customers and their advisors to create a customised policy, with the freedom to allocate money across a variety of investments:

- Two non-unit-linked funds including NeoEuro Garanti, LifeSide Patrimoine's exclusive new dynamic fund.

  • NeoEuro Garanti's rising-floor mechanism allows gains to be locked in.
    • At least 70% of the fund is invested in non-unit-linked funds managed by Spirica (subsidiary of Crédit Agricole Assurances).
    • Between 0% and 30% of the fund consists of a "booster", split between European equities, global funds and government bonds depending on market opportunities.
  • A traditional non-unit-linked fund managed by Spirica, which offers one of the best yields in the market (4.21% net in 2010).

- Access to more than 200 unit-linked investments, including SCPI property funds which, in late 2011, constitute LifeSide Patrimoine's most popular category of unit-linked investment.

- Three automatic investment options, featuring LifeSide Patrimoine's unique rapid processing service:

  • gains are locked in according to thresholds defined for each fund,
  • a portion of savings is invested automatically every month across selected non-unit-linked funds,
  • the split of savings across the various investments is rebalanced automatically according to a selection made when the policy was taken out.

- There are four commission options for advisors, who can adjust their terms to their fee invoicing practices on a policy-by-policy basis.

Marie-Anne Jacquier, CEO of LifeSide Patrimoine, made the following comments: "With Version Absolue, we are providing a dynamic response to the crisis. The strong growth in new money inflows we are achieving in very weak market conditions appears to vindicate our approach."

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