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Asset / Liability Analysis Coordinator

Zoom on the missions of the Asset / Liability Analysis Coordinator.


  • Participating in defining strategic asset allocations and management indicators, and in producing ALM performance indicators
  • Participating in the ALM monitoring of financial policy decisions
  • Generating and monitoring economic scenario tables
  • Ensuring the existence of a financial balance in central and stressed scenarios 
  • Contributing to providing ALM-based guidance for the short and medium-term allocation of the share in profits and to the annual financial production target
  • Analysing, from an ALM standpoint, the different instruments proposed by management companies, investment and finance banks and the Investment Division
  • Participating in the management of market, credit spread and liquidity risks
  • Participating in Solvency II impact assessments and ORSA studies
  • Monitoring the allocation and modelling rules for assets within the internal model
  • Participating in different asset-liability studies (preparation of committees, risk analyses, product launches, etc.) 
  • Participating in inspecting and developing the bases and models of ALM (drafting of expression of needs, etc.).


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