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Careers in actuarial services

Discover our careers in actuarial services.

Training for careers in actuarial services

These high-level training programmes are intended for students who have already completed studies of a primarily mathematical, statistical or economic nature. They prepare students for different actuarial careers: actuarial technician, actuarial research officer, actuary, asset-liability manager, etc.

Examples of training programmes:

  • 3 years of higher education: University degree in Actuarial Science
  • 5 years of higher education: Master’s Degree in Actuarial Science; Master’s Degree in Mathematics and Actuarial Science; Master’s Degree in Statistics and Actuarial Science
  • 6 years of higher education: MBA in Actuarial Science; Diplôme d’Actuaire (official qualification granting membership of the French Institute of Actuaries)
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