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CAA sort l’édition 2021 de sa politique ESG-Climat

The incorporation of ESG criteria into investment policies continues to grow, due in particular to society's growing concern about the impacts of climate change. In addition, local and European regulations are changing and increasing the transparency requirements regarding the way institutional investors take ESG criteria into account in their investment decisions.

At CAA, this reflects our consideration of environmental, social and governance criteria in our investments and our commitment to energy transition.

CAA sort l’édition 2021 de sa politique ESG-Climat


5 key figures:


Strategy ESG management of almost 75 % of managed outstandings


Carbon footprint declining further by 30 % since 2019


Investment over 8 GW of production capacity in renewable energies


8 Bn € of green bonds

Close to 11 Bn € of buildings certified

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