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10% of domestic animals in France are insured in health

Hyperassur.com – the online insurance comparator – has published the very first barometer dedicated to pet health and mutual insurance policies. Less than 10% of the 63 million pets in France are thought to be insured.

10% of domestic animals in France are insured in health

In the past ten years, spending on pet health has soared by 70%. While vets' fees (freely established) have risen, customers are also paying more attention to their pets' health and well-being, and are therefore willing to spend more on them. On average, a consultation costs €40 and blood tests or a day of hospitalisation cost the same again; €60 is the average price of an X-ray, and a minor operation (such as the treatment of a dental abscess, etc.) costs between €100 and €200… And these expenses often combined. Mutual insurance policies for dogs and cats reimburse at least 50% of veterinary spending, rising to as much as 100% for premium policies.

What types of people insure their pets?

Six out of ten owners who insure their pets are women. They are mainly young people. More than half of them (56%) are under 40 years old and 31% are under 30. 

What types pets are most frequently insured?

They are generally male dogs under two years old. Indeed, three-quarters of all comparisons performed on the Hyperassur.com website are for dogs, 24% concern cats and 1% are for exotic pets. >> The most frequently insured animals in France are male French Bulldogs under two years old.

What types of insurance are available?

Insurers specialising in animal health generally offer three types of solutions: economy, mid-range and premium. 98.5% of French people who insure their pets opt for a basic formula, which is the most economical. All in all, the average price of a mutual insurance policy for pets amounts to €24 per month for a dog, €18 per month for a cat and €17 for an exotic pet.The “Essentielle” and “Premium” formulas proposed by Pacifica's Dog and Cats Health Insurance allow, for a price ranging from 15 to 31,50 euros / month depending on the animal and the formula chosen, to take care of the care and expenses likely to (surgery, hospitalization, pharmaceutical costs, etc.) to ensure the health of animals aged between 2 months and 8 years.

Top 5, by breeds, of dogs most frequently insured by their owners 

  1. French Bulldog 
  2. Labrador 
  3. Chihuahua 
  4. Alsatian 
  5. Beagle 

Top 5, by breeds, of cats most frequently insured by their owners 

  1. European cat 
  2. Persian 
  3. Birman
  4. Chartreux
  5. Norwegian Forest 

Top 3 exotic pets most frequently insured by their owners 

  1. Rabbit
  2. Parrot 
  3. Ferret 

Sources : senioractu.com ; Baromètre Hyperassur 2017 de l’assurance santé des animaux

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